Friday, February 18, 2011

Common Rider - This is Unity Music

So, who remembers Operation Ivy?! Great jams, right? Right. Well, some of you may know that when Operation Ivy disbanded, guitarist Tim Armstrong and bassist Matt Freeman went on to form Rancid. Rancid got their well-deserved time in the sun, playing Warped Tours and what nots. However, Operation Ivy's singer, Jesse Michaels, also started a band after Op Ivy, called Common Rider. Unfortunately, they never saw the same success as Rancid, despite being totally jam-tacular. The music is a really neat Ragga-punk, half ska-half rock mixture. And as the album's title suggests, it is definitely Unity music. Common Rider not only mix several styles in a unity of rock-jam, the lyrics are usually about coming together as humans and righting our various wrongs, as well as other social and political issues. Don't know what else or how else to describe it, but if you like punk, ska, reggae, or just good jams, check this record. Here's a sample for you lazy fucks. (In fact, 2 samples because I couldn't decide....) Link to download is below the vids.


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