Monday, May 23, 2011

Cave In - White Silence

If you know me or follow this blog much, you know I loves me some Cave In. They are all over the place musically, and each record is unique. This is newest release, hitting stores TODAY actually. Much the opposite of Antenna, this record focuses much more on Cave In's heavy influences, with few clean vocals for the first 6 (of 9) songs of the record, winding down into beautiful Syd Barrett worship. It is easily their heaviest record since Beyond Hypothermia and Until Your Heart Stops. Stephen Brodsky's psychedelic croon does, however, emerge occasionally, and there are always lots of fun effects on all the vocals and instruments, creating a much more cerebral atmosphere around their already heavy and spacey riffs. My favorite track is Summit Fever, so if you download this, definitely check that song out, but when listened to in it's entirety, this record has a flow suggesting something much bigger and more meaningful than the individual songs. A true "grower not a show-er" if I've ever heard one. I was a little off-put on the first listen, but I still find myself starting the record over, every time. Highly recommended if you wanna hear how Cave In does 'heavy'.
This link will also be posted in the Cave In mega post from recently.

Dig it.
Cave In - White Silence

Sunday, May 1, 2011

Akron/Family - Love is Simple

Tired of folk that ain't trippy enough? Or perhaps, on the flip side, you're tired of Animal Collective making gurgling sounds through a flanger and calling it music? Well I got the medicine you need, right here, in Portland's Akron/Family. Really neat and unique psych-folk, with some amazing songwriting and some pretty insane guitar playing. Got a chance to see these dudes live last year and it was pretty incredible. Lots of fun, dancey songs with occasional melancholy to keep ya grounded. They've put out several records but I think that this one, titled Love is Simple, is their best. It seems to be the most upbeat and accessible, but that's not to discount their psychedelic wanderings, which their is plenty of. Think of Death Cab for Cutie with more rock, more drugs, and less pretense. This record is an excellent introduction to the psychedelic, experimental folk field, and I can never seem to get enough of it. Check out the jams below, and if you dig, get the jams.

Akron/Family - LOVE IS SIMPLE