Tuesday, November 22, 2011


This rifftagious gem and the following blurb brought to by my good buddy The Wong.

"Lemme tell ya, boys, this one's a doozy. Egypt's self-titled EP is one of the greatest amalgamation of sounds I've ever heard put to record. These boys here are coming outta them black hills of North Dakota, if you can believe that shit. Their origin leaves me wanting to imagine that the band is made of just Billy Jack, playing every single goddamn instrument at one time. The song "Dirty Witch" is totally the rockingest party jam recorded since Grand Funk Railroad split. Seriously, it has like, thirty "alright!"s peppered throughout. It's not missing anything, but if it were, it'd only be a couple of "A-give it to me, now"s. Every goddamn song on here is a gem, it's the aural equivalent of getting dome from a fat girl in the bathroom of the Mix Factory: dirty, sleazy, whoo, and sumbitchin buck-ass wild."


Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Wolves in the Throne Room - Celestial Lineage

It's the new Wolves in the Throne Room junt. I ain't listened to it yet, so you be the judge. They haven't disappoited me yet, so should be bitchin'.

WITTR - Celestial Lineage

Immolation - Failures for Gods

Brutal as fuck, New York- style death metal riff sorcery, recommended by JD. Nice and technical without too much wanking. Get this shit.

Ritual Riffery

Monday, September 5, 2011

Inquisition - Ominous Doctrines of the Perpetual Mystical Macrocosm

My buddy Ben listed a bunch of records he bought one day, and so I jocked his style and downloaded a bunch of them. This one punched me in the dick immediately. Originally from Columbia and now based somewhere north of Seattle, WA, Inquisition is a fresh take on raw black metal. The duo bring the ruckus with lots of blast-beats and crazy, shimmery melodic guitars, often dropping into slow and dark churn long enough to enthrall the listener, only to ambush you with another insane metal assault. Very unique band in a world of bands beating the old black metal formula to death. My only concern is as a two-piece, I highly doubt they pull off this awesomeness live, but I'd certainly love to see them and find out. My words here are not enough to convey why I dig this record so much, so listen to the jam below and you'll see what I'm talking about. Dig it, and get it.

Inquisition - Ominous Doctrines of the Perpetual Mystical Macrocosm

Tuesday, August 30, 2011


Sianspheric are a lesser known Canadian shoegaze/space rock/dreampop band from the Sonic Unyon roster. These dudes cover quite a bit of musical ground; sleepy and sprawling to determined and energetic, and always with plenty of fuzz, delay, and reverb. ESSENTIAL for any fans of Slowdive, My Bloody Valentine, Swervedriver... Great memories of DXM-land to these records, which means I urge you to get a little squirrely while your jammin' it. Here's the 3 full lengths. I recommend The Sound of the Colour of the Sun the most, but all three records are amazing.
Somnium - 1995
There's Always Someplace You'd Rather Be - 1998
The Sound of the Colour of the Sun - 2001

This song is from Somnium:

Grief - Come to Grief

Founded in 1991 by Disrupt's guitarist, Grief seem to be among the first to slow things to a snails pace and play loud, tune low, and play slow. This is their second full length release I believe, from 1994. Doom so heavy, you need a forklift to listen. BlackNoise and BastardSounds's description fits pretty well:

"This is good old fashioned sludge, its brutally slow, narcotic induced and heavy. This is the paranoia one feels after mass consumption of Marijuana, and the feeling one gets after years of drug use has isolate them from their friends, family, and all the people that once cared for them."


Sunday, August 28, 2011

Fuck... I'm Dead - Bring on the Dead

Australia's Fuck... I'm Dead, aside from having one of the greatest band names of all time, plays gnarly flesh-searing, face-raping, bone-shattering grind. I first heard this record when I used to go see shows at the Old Hickory Collective here in Jackson, TN. It was there that I cut my teeth on real music and what a true scene was about. So here is a bitchin record in honor of good times, and as a thank you to my buddy JD for making the OHC happen, and taking a select few of us young metal kids under his blackened wing.

Fuck... I'm Dead - Bring on the Dead

Warhorse - As Heaven Turns to Ash

Epic fucking doom from Massachusetts. Formed in 1996, put out this full length in 2001 on Southern Lord, then disbanded in 2005. Super sludgy doom with some hypnotic ambient parts. I did the shit out of it, and I know Jared and Ol' JD got some memories of this record. Chugga-lug and doom-uh-doom.

Warhorse - As Heaven Turns to Ash

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Neanderthal - Fighting Music

A true hardcore masterpiece from 1990. Featuring future members of the almighty MAN IS THE BASTARD and a member of INFEST, "Fighting Music" is the genesis of the power violence sound. Taking the groundwork laid by the aforementioned Infest, bands like Neanderthal, No Comment and Crossed Out carved out a sound never heard in extreme music that has been aped to death ever since.

If you are into modern "PV" bands like Mind Eraser (who take their name from this record!), Weekend Nachos or Iron Lung then do yourself a favor and snag this for a little history lesson on where the sound originated.

Some other great early bands to play this type of hardcore are the previously mentioned Infest, Crossed Out and No Comment as well as early Crom, early Capitalist Casualties, adn Despise You.

Neanderthal - Fighting Music

*download link and cover image "borrowed" from icoulddietomorrow be sure to check them out, they have a great blog with a wide variety of music!

Wednesday, July 27, 2011


Give plays super powerful, melodic post-hardcore. Rites of Spring meets Swiz. I came across these dudes blog-walking one day and download the Boots of Faith 7" on a whim. Hardcore band with a daisy flower as their logo? I couldn't resist. And as I hoped, the daisy flower logo and the name Give are very telling elements to this bands sound. The tone and feel for most of there songs tends to be very positive and progressive, a unique quality in hardcore and post-hardcore. This band deserves some recognition, because they are doing something truly interesting and fresh with their sound. Highly recommended if you're into genre-blurring bands or melodic hardcore. The download below contains:

Boots of Faith 7"
Heaven is Waiting 7"
Self Titled LP

Give - 3 records (DOWNLOAD!)

One Year Recap: Top 10 Posts I Don't Want You to Miss

So this blog has been up for a year now. There have been a few gaps here and there, but regardless, I feel like I've laid some righteous jams on here, and that it's about time to recap and choose my top 10 favorites. If you aren't sure what you'd possibly want off the blog, or maybe you've missed out on some choice cuts, this will be an excellent place to pick up some slack. So here ya go:

Mitchell's top 10 posts you shouldn't miss (in no particular order, and most of these posts should have a youtube video to sample on their respective pages, so be sure to give 'em a listen):

  1. LECHEROUS GAZE - ex-Annihilation Time, rock n' roll punk at it's purest and most creative
    (Recommended download: Lecherous Gaze - S/T EP)

  2. Annihilation Time - The precursor to Lecherous Gaze. More punk-tinged, but still chocked full of tasty riffs
    (Recommended download: Annihilation Time - II)

  3. Otis Reaper - New Wave of Southern Heavy Metal. Good friends of mine with a unique sound and unrelenting jams.
    (Download: Otis Reaper - Footprints in Dead Earth and Graveyard Sorcery 7"s)

  4. Cave In - Psychedelic rockers who tread the line from heavy hardcore to Syd Barrett worship and everything in between.
    (Recommended download: Planets of Old EP and White Silence)

  5. Owen Hart - Chaotic hardcore death thrash extravaganza. Pushing some serious metal envelope.
    (Download: Owen Hart - Earth Control)

  6. Glasses - Pretty unique and gnarly German d-beat punk band. For fans of Ghostlimb, Tragedy, From Ashes Rise, Kylesa)
    (Recommended download: Glasses - The Ills of Life)

  7. ASG - Little known band from Wilmington, North Carolina, who play a brand a stoner rock that beats the pants right off The Sword, leaving you wondering why no one has heard of these dudes. Heavy and catchy. Dig it
    (Recommended download: ASG - Win Us Over)

  8. Frumpy - Organ heavy, female fronted 70's prog rock from Germany. Another band that puts their contemporaries to shame, leaving me in awe that no one ever picked up on them
    (Download: Frumpy - Frumpy 2)

  9. Rwake - Sludgy, swampy, grimey dextromethorphan prog metal from Little Rock, AR. These dudes are incomparable and unmatched at the insanely creative form of metal they put forth. If you haven't heard 'em, you haven't heard heavy.
    (Download: Rwake - Voice of Omens)

  10. Earth - Starting out loud, fuzzy, and droney, Earth made a name for themselves in the realm of heavy music. Then after a short hiatus, they returned with a new outlook and an expansive sound, eschewing the one-note wall of fuzz for sprawling clean guitars and atmospheric percussion. Incredibly mind-expanding music.
    (Recommended download: Earth - The Bees Made Honey in the Lion's Skull)

Monday, July 25, 2011

OFF! - First Four EPs

My buddy Johnny wrote this for me, cuz I'm lazy. Here ya go:

"Listening to this band is like waking up in the hospital after being in a coma for more than 30 years. It is what is. That big "IT" meaning brutally honest DIY punk in its truest form. If you are old enough to remember the SST days then this is like a beer soaked wet dream. While it may be cliche' to use the word "REAL", there is no other word I can find to sum it up. Some may say "retro" or "Old School" but its just honest to goodness PUNK FUCKING ROCK. Led by Keith Morris, the founder of Circle Jerks, and Co-founder of Black Flag. His voice is instantly recognizable. I am curious as to how many of today's punk rock "icons" will be doing this at 55 years old with as much raw unhinged passion as Keith Morris. WRECK-AMMENDED for anyone who wants a REAL fix of 100% punk RAWWK"

OFF! - First Four EP's
Thanks Johnny, and hope to snag you as a recurring author on the blog soon!

Sunday, July 24, 2011

Best Coast

My friend Anna inadvertently turned me onto this band a day or two ago, linking the rockin' track below, called "Happy". They remind me of Real Estate a bit, mostly because it's fun, summery sounding reverb worship, only with female vocals and generally being a little more upbeat than most Real Estate.  I'll skip a strained description and just post the jam that got me hooked. Hope you dig.
EDIT: JUST REALIZED IT'S ONE OF THE GIRLS FROM POCAHAUNTED!!! (Pocahaunted is a really neat noise/soundscape band)

Best Coast - Best Coast

Real Estate

Reverb-drenched, psychedelic surf pop from New Jersey. If you consider yourself an indie snob and don't know about these dudes, just grab this record and I won't tell anyone. It also features the guitarist from Ducktails, who makes some excellent guitar soundscapes and surf pop. Perfect summer music if I lived on a beach, instead of muggy, humid western Tennessee. These guys have a pretty neat sound, sometimes sounding poppy, but seemingly more often, sounding spacey and gloomy. Overall, a very cool band, so this comes highly suggested if you have never heard of these guys.

Real Estate - Real Estate

Ryan Adams - Heartbreaker

Alt-Country awesomeness. I ain't even gonna attempt to write anything profound. Just know that Ryan Adams has put out lots and lots of music, and if your into the whole singer-songwriter / alt-country / whiskey music thing, you'll dig this.

Ryan Adams - Heartbreaker

Friday, June 24, 2011

Lecherous Gaze

"Rising from the ashes of the almighty ANNIHILATION TIME is Lecherous Gaze, taking the bombastic riffology and adding some Joey Ramone/Jim Morrison/Glenn Danzig type soulful vox. For fans of rock and fucking roll!" - Lumbro

Seriously, riffology to the max. Some of the best music the dudes ever wrote, and while the vocals are considerably different from Annihilation Time, I really dig what the new fella lays on it. But GODDAMN THOSE RIFFS!
Audio Testament - 4 song demo
Lecherous Gaze EP - same 4 songs, remastered and re-packaged
Lecherous Gaze/Danava/Earthless Split (2011)

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Wolves In The Throne Room


I almost feel bad for not writing a legit description in my own words, but I'm just not feelin' it right now. So next best thing is to just give you the write up off of Southern Lord records' site. Besides, if you are into black metal, you should already know about these guys and their unique approach to the genre, combining a traditional black metal sound with shoegaze and lots of atmosphere with an eye toward eco-conscious themes.

From Southern Lord:
"During the Summer of 2002 at an Earth First rendezvous in the Cascade Mountains of Washington State, guitarist Nathan Weaver was inspired to create a band that merged a Cascadian eco-spiritual awareness with the misanthropic Norwegian eruptions of the 90's. The band envisioned would strive to create a mythic space where artist and listener alike could strip away the mindset of the mundane to reveal a more ancient and transcendent consciousness. The mysterious and wild energies of the untrammeled forests of the Northwest would be channeled into sonic form.

In the Spring of 2004, Nathan and his brother, drummer Aaron Weaver, moved to a dilapidated farmstead on the outskirts of Olympia, WA. The creation of their farm-stronghold, called Calliope, would be intrinsically linked to the development of Wolves in the Throne Room. It was during the first long, dark winter living in the collapsed farmhouse at Calliope that the band developed their trance-inducing sound and solidified the burning intent that would animate the band's music. Elements of black metal, crust punk, folk music, thrash metal and drone music were drawn upon to create a unique alchemy.

Since that time Wolves in the Throne Room have ascended to the upper tiers of the underground scene by creating a transformative and apocalyptic musical manifestation that has come to completely transcend the black metal label.

Wolves in the Throne Room's first studio album, the lush and atmospheric Diadem of 12 Stars (A Shimmering Radiance), was released in the Spring of 2006. This gloriously sprawling record was captured on tape by Tim Green at Louder Studios in San Francisco. Diadem was very well received and quickly established a cult following. Wolves in the Throne Room was heralded by the press as one of the most promising Black Metal bands to emerge from the United States, though the band stressed in interviews that they felt like they had little in common with their more Satanic peers.

The fall of 2006 brought a new pact with Southern Lord records and the beginning of a relationship with producer-engineer Randall Dunn. (SUNN O))), Earth, Grails) Their epic album Two Hunters is a masterfully dark and emotional document that further established Wolves in the Throne Room as a band totally unafraid to follow their own path. 

In January they will release a European tour-only EP picture disk, titled Malevolent Grain, on Conspiracy Records. The record is the first to feature their new guitar player Will Lindsay (Middian) who had previously served as the band's touring bass player. 

Winter Solstice 2008 saw the completion of their 3rd studio album, cryptically titled Black Cascade. Recorded onto 2 inch tape and mixed on a 1973 Neve Console by Producer Randall Dunn, this monolith of trance inducing psychedelia swings between passages of blazing crystalline blackness and ocean-deep ritualistic dronescapes. Black Cascade elevates Wolves in the Throne Room into the ranks of the elite in the extreme music world."

Monday, June 13, 2011


Not a whole lot of information on these dudes, but they are apparently from San Francisco and their jams fall somewhere between atmospheric black metal and Envy-style screamo. For more info, you can read this interview. If you like Wolves in The Throne Room, you're gonna dig the shit outta these guys. Get these records.

Deafheaven - Demo
Deafheaven - Roads to Judah


After disbanding Orchid, guitarist Will Killingsworth formed Ampere with some other buddies from Amherst, MA. The music is very much in the same vein as Orchid, but seems to have a slightly broader scope of influences, occasionally slowing down to drop a heavy riff. Suffice it to say that if you dig the Orchid stuff in the post below, you'll love these records. These have been getting heavy rotation the last several days, especially the newest release, Like Shadows. Grab 'em up.

Ampere - The First Five Years
Ampere - Like Shadows


I'll start off by separating the real heads from the noobs... if I say screamo and all you think about is The Used and Hawthorne Heights, then you are sadly on the wrong track. But luckily Uncle Mitchypoo is here to fix you right up. With roots in DC hardcore and post-punk, REAL screamo started long before the ridiculous form of swoopy-banged fashioncore. Starting their evolution in the early to mid-90's and culminating in late 90's, bands like Orchid, Pg. 99, and City of Caterpillar were crafting a chaotic, cathartic sound previously unparalleled and rarely matched since then. Comprised of unrelenting drumming, being driven by thrashing guitars, melodic and melancholy, and topped with throat-searing, heart wrenching screams (lyrics usually based on philosophy, idealism, and DIY-punk ethics), Orchid is certainly one of the masters of their style. No other way to put it into words so just listen to the songs in this youtube compilation video and if it's your thing, get these two records.

Orchid - Chaos is Me
Orchid - Gatefold

Sunday, June 12, 2011

Spirit Caravan - Dreamwheel EP

The ultimate stoner rock band. Black Sabbath meets Jimi Hendrix. If you aren't familiar with Wino, you are out of touch with pulse of the community, and this is a perfect introduction to the man's musical genius. Riff after riff, panty-tearing solo after panty tearing solo, this record only lets up momentarily, just long enough for Wino to build up a psychedelic wall of fuzz, delay, and reverb, only to crash through with his signature brand of widdly-wah-wah, maniacally feeding on your eardrums like ravenous wolverines to a fresh kill. If you like riffs and rock 'n' roll, and especially if you like those things... ON WEEEED... then get this record right now. Muhfuggin funktagious jams await.

Dreamwheel, Uh-yes indeed.

Thursday, June 9, 2011

American Gods - Chariot The Ghost

American Gods are some really good dudes, originally out of Memphis, TN, who play a rad style of shoegaze, heavy and hazy. Considerably more imaginative than your standard My Bloody Valentine clone, American Gods take it to a higher level, creating a sonic barrage of 3 guitars, blending perfectly, never treading each others territory, and driving, inventive drumming. These guys are a definite standout, holding dear all things that came before them and refracting those influences through their own unique lens. Check 'em out. Dig it. Buy their shit.

American Gods - Chariot The Ghost

Kylesa - Spiral Shadow

I gave that bitch some Kylesa. Bitches LOVE Kylesa.

Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Brand new track from the almighty RINGWORM! Those of you who know me are aware of my fervent love this band and everything they have ever released. This new track is fucking incredible and has a great Motorhead vibe accompanying their infamous brand of chaotic metallic hardcore that can only come from the third world city of Cleveland, OH.


Monday, May 23, 2011

Cave In - White Silence

If you know me or follow this blog much, you know I loves me some Cave In. They are all over the place musically, and each record is unique. This is newest release, hitting stores TODAY actually. Much the opposite of Antenna, this record focuses much more on Cave In's heavy influences, with few clean vocals for the first 6 (of 9) songs of the record, winding down into beautiful Syd Barrett worship. It is easily their heaviest record since Beyond Hypothermia and Until Your Heart Stops. Stephen Brodsky's psychedelic croon does, however, emerge occasionally, and there are always lots of fun effects on all the vocals and instruments, creating a much more cerebral atmosphere around their already heavy and spacey riffs. My favorite track is Summit Fever, so if you download this, definitely check that song out, but when listened to in it's entirety, this record has a flow suggesting something much bigger and more meaningful than the individual songs. A true "grower not a show-er" if I've ever heard one. I was a little off-put on the first listen, but I still find myself starting the record over, every time. Highly recommended if you wanna hear how Cave In does 'heavy'.
This link will also be posted in the Cave In mega post from recently.

Dig it.
Cave In - White Silence

Sunday, May 1, 2011

Akron/Family - Love is Simple

Tired of folk that ain't trippy enough? Or perhaps, on the flip side, you're tired of Animal Collective making gurgling sounds through a flanger and calling it music? Well I got the medicine you need, right here, in Portland's Akron/Family. Really neat and unique psych-folk, with some amazing songwriting and some pretty insane guitar playing. Got a chance to see these dudes live last year and it was pretty incredible. Lots of fun, dancey songs with occasional melancholy to keep ya grounded. They've put out several records but I think that this one, titled Love is Simple, is their best. It seems to be the most upbeat and accessible, but that's not to discount their psychedelic wanderings, which their is plenty of. Think of Death Cab for Cutie with more rock, more drugs, and less pretense. This record is an excellent introduction to the psychedelic, experimental folk field, and I can never seem to get enough of it. Check out the jams below, and if you dig, get the jams.

Akron/Family - LOVE IS SIMPLE

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

La Cacahouette - French for Peanut

Pronounced La Kah-Koo-Wet, and as the record name implies, it is French for 'peanut'.

Had the pleasure of playing a few shows with these guys a couple years ago, and they are not only awesome dudes, but their music is really unique. A true embodiment of the power trio, they make use of the standard guitar, bass and drums, but also fill up sonic space using keyboards, theremin and lots of reverb, delay, phasers, and fuzz on all of the above. Taking cues from bands such as Swervedriver and My Bloody Valentine, La Cacahouette lays down a thick, psychedelic layer of spacey shoegaze, slathered in loud and fuzzy indie rock, topped with beautiful male and female vocals, and highlighted immensely by the intense and creative drumming of Blake Ellman (who I've seen wearing Tragedy shirts, and believe it or not, the hardcore and metal influences shine quite brightly in his drumming for this band. Also, La Cacahouette's myspace used to rock an excellent photoshopped promo photo of them with King Diamond in the band!) If you ever see these guys in a town near you, go check them out. They are a great band, and some truly down dudes.

La Cacahouette - French For Peanut

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Atom and His Package - Redefining Music

I'll never forget the glory days, hanging out with my buddy Eric, listening to punk, ska, and lots and lots of Atom and His Package. The project is a one man band conceived by Adam Goren (Atom), using a guitar and a plethora of synths, drum machines and sequencers (His Package). The result was an undeniably catchy comedic electro-pop-punk with occasional poignant lyrics and real emotion. He has covered the Mountain Goats and Brutal Truth, and sang on pressing subjects such as black metal, the metric system, hammers, Rob Halford's homosexuality and plenty more. If you are into fun music, this will be your new favorite record. I sing along to every song on this record and so will you, so GET IT!


At The Gates - Slaughter of the Soul

Active from 1990-1996, At The Gates was a melodic metal band from Gothenburg, Sweden. These dudes are one of the most influential bands in the progession of metal music. Many of today's metalcore bands blatantly emulated At The Gates style, including bands like Darkest Hour and Black Dahlia Murder. A very important band in the scheme of metal, so don't miss this. Check it out!


13 & God

13 & God is a collaboration between Anticon's Themselves (featuring Doseone and Jel) and German indie-tronica band The Notwist. The result is an overall very chill record, sprinkled with Doseone's famous fast-rap and lots of Notwist's blend of spacey vocals and shoegaze influence. This is definitely one of those records that is really hard to describe, as they cover a lot of ground as far as influences, so here is a sample, with the link to download below. Hope you dig it.

13 & God - 13 & God


Looking for the above picture, I came across an article that described cLOUDDEAD as a supergroup in reverse. I found that to, actually, be pretty accurate. Though no one in the group is a superstar, these respective dudes have gained notoriety in the underground music scene, collaborating with such names as Mike Patton and Aesop Rock, being remixed by Notwist and Boards of Canada, and even getting a performance on the legendary John Peel show. As 3 of the 9 founders of the Anticon collective, Clouddead (comprised of Doseone and Why? doing the rapping, and sharing production duties with Odd Nosdam on the beats) makes the most inexplicable avant garde, spacey, sometimes absurdist hip hop you'll ever hear.

After the split of Clouddead, all the members went on to have lots of projects:

Doseone went on to form art-rock-hip-hop band Subtle (who will eventually surface on this blog), as well as joining with The Notwist to form a unique electro-space-rap project called 13 & God (which will be posted next).

 Why? joined with his brother Josiah and two really close friends from home and started a band which took on the name of Why?. One of their records is posted here with more to come soon.

Odd Nosdam continues to put out head-noddic hip-hop beats, lots of remixes, and even releasing a mixtape titled T.I.M.E (This Is My Element) for Element skateboards, as well as DJing many clubs and bars in the Oakland area.

Clouddead (2001)
Ten (2004)

Cave In

I catch a lot of shit for it, but I really dig Cave In. They aren't afraid to do what THEY wanna do, and sound the way THEY wanna sound. They are a very dynamic band, early Cave In invoking comparisons to a slightly toned down Botch, while the later material sees them hone in on a much more fence-striding outlook. With the members coming from a really broad background of influences, Cave In creates a progressive style seamlessly melding Converge, Torche, and the Foo Fighters. Their embrace of the catchy and poppy,  mixed with their background in hardcore and doom (sharing members intermittently with Converge, Old Man Gloom, Zozobra and others) makes them a unique stand out in the music world. If you are easily put off by vocals, you probably won't enjoy the clean vocals of this band (though there are lots of screams and heavy vocals too). But the music is fuckin' amazing, and the vocals don't bug me. So if you've never heard them, check them out, and if you haven't heard the newest EP, Planets of Old, you should really check it out, as I think it really incorporates everything awesome about this band, giving you a fairly accurate cross section of the ground these dudes tread.

This is all the full lengths, and 2 of their EPs. They have quite a few more EP's out, but this stuff should get ya started. Hope you enjoy.

Until Your Heart Stops (1998)
Creative Eclipses EP (1999)
Jupiter (2000)
Antenna (2003)
Perfect Pitch Black (2005)
Planets of Old EP (2009) <~~~~~ At very least get this!!!
White Silence (2011)

Amesoeurs - Amesoeurs

So here is another personal favorite I've been holding out on for a little while. Amesoeurs is a French atmospheric black metal band with heavy post-punk and shoegaze influence, formed with the purpose of creating music that reflects the dark side of the industrial era and modern civilization.. Male and female vocals, sometimes clean, sometimes screaming, sometimes just gibberish and vocal noises ran through lots of psychedelic effects. These guys put out 2 short EPs, then this one full-length and broke up when the 2 singers (who were dating at the time) started having relationship trouble. Damn shame broken hearts gotta come in and ruin some truly unique and well crafted music. Even if black metal ain't your thing, you may dig this record, so give it a shot.

Blackened Spacegaze

Monday, April 18, 2011


Atmospheric, progressive black metal from Ukraine. Lots of folk influences, as well as occasional proggy parts with synth and crazy technical riffs. Here's the 2 records I have. Probably grab some more soon and post them for you guys.

Forgotten Legends (2003)
Microcosmos (2009)

Owen Hart - Earth Control

This band is called Owen Hart. Your argument is invalid.

Seriously, these dudes are fucking heavy as shit. Chaotic hardcore death thrash extravaganza.

Owen Hart - Earth Control (2010)
For their other stuff check out their bandcamp, though it seems it hasn't been updated in a while.

Del tha Funkee Homosapien - Both Sides of The Brain

If you don't know about the D-E-L, then here's some real hip hop for that ass. Del raps about everything from video games and psychedelics, to crackheads in Oakland, to culture and fads. Super intelligent dude, with extremely clever flows. Also, not that he needs the name drop to be legit, but he's Ice Cube's cousin.

Both Sides of the Brain (2000)

Bonnie 'Prince' Billy

Bearded singer, songwriter, actor Will Oldham. He's put out music under several monikers: Palace, Palace Brothers, Bonnie 'Prince' Billy, and probably a few more. If you like indie, folk, or americana music, I'd be surprised if you didn't already know about him. If you don't know anything about Will Oldham then his "Bonnie 'Prince' Billy" records are a great place to start. Here are a few of my favorite picks from the Bonnie 'Prince' Billy catalog, including a collaboration record he did with jazz/post-rock mainstays Tortoise.

Ease Down The Road (2001)
Master and Everyone (2003)
Superwolf - Matt Sweeney and Bonnie 'Prince' Billy (2005)
The Brave and the Bold - Tortoise and Bonnie 'Prince' Billy (2006)

Weekend Nachos

I'm hard to please when it comes to hardcore. In the shitty town I live in, there was a short lived Collective venue, which was one of only two worthwhile venues for independent music this place ever had, and I sat through many a sloppy, contrived hardcore band. So to gain my attention and respect, you gotta be doing something groundbreaking or unique. That being said, Weekend Nachos has snagged me by the nuts. They play a gnarly, rifftacular blend of classic, balls to the wall hardcore and power violence, with occasional shifts into the slow and sludgy.  Lum told me about these dudes months ago, but when I finally listened to their newest release, the Black Earth 7" out on Relapse Records, I was immediately hooked. So for your listening pleasure, here's most, if not all, of Weekend Nachos jams in 2 easy files. Fuckin' dig it.

Torture EP (2006)
It's A Wonderful Life EP (2006)
Punish and Destroy (2007)
Unforgivable (2009)
Bleed EP (2010)
Black Earth 7" (2011)

Here's some.
Here's some mo'.

Thursday, April 14, 2011

Bill Hicks

If you aren't familiar with Bill Hicks, then you know absolutely NOTHING about stand-up comedy. But that's okay, that's why this site exists. To drop some KNOWLEDGE on that ass!

Bill Hicks was easily the raddest dude in the galaxy. His brand of dark comedy influenced a lot of contemporary comedians, most obvious case being his once-close friend, Denis Leary, who has been accused by many (including Hicks himself) to have lifted much of his act from Hicks. Subject matter includes but isn't limited to: cigarettes, doing hallucinogens, Bush Sr., Rodney King, religion, dinosaurs, sex, music, aliens, and his insatiable and unwavering rage toward society, consumerism, and the shitty world we've created for ourselves. Despite his unfortunate death to pancreatic cancer in 1994, Hicks' comedy and his incredibly unique observations continue to be relevant even today, as evidenced by the insane amount of material that was released posthumously. I hope that if you don't know about this guy, you get started downloading immediately. Seriously, comedic genius. If you are a fan of Lewis Black, Denis Leary, David Cross, Joe Rogan, any of the great 'alternative' comedians, you are in for one hell of a ride with Bill Hicks.


Dangerous (1990)
Relentless (1992)
Arizona Bay (1997)
Rant in E-Minor (1997)
Philosophy: The Best of Bill Hicks (2001)
Love, Laughter, and Truth (2002)
Flying Saucer Tour, Vol. 1 (2002)
Shock and Awe (2003)
Salvation (2005)

Saturday, April 9, 2011

Low Discography

I already did a small blurb on Low a few posts back, but in case you missed it:

In 1993, when grunge and post-punk ruled the masses, the slowcore/shoegaze scene was gradually churning and collecting velocity. My Bloody Valentine and Ride had found their way into hipster's tape players, and in little ol' Duluth, Minnesota, Low was also starting to think similarly. Singer/guitarist Alan Sparhawk and his wife, drummer Mimi Parker, joined with one of Alan's previous band mates, John Nichols to create a very quiet, minimal music that still demanded attention, without being fast, loud and aggressive. And since Low's first release in 1994, they've been building layer after layer upon that idea. Low has evolved considerably from the very quiet and solemn debut, I Could Live In Hope, but with each album they seem to explore a slightly different side of themselves. Every record however shares the common thread of Sparhawk and Parker's amazing vocal harmonies. Sometimes beautiful, sometimes haunting, their vocal blend is always interesting. You'll find that Parker often sings the lower register of a harmony, with her husband singing the higher parts of the harmony in a beautiful almost-falsetto.

Don't wanna get too pretentious here, so I'll leave it at what I wrote there, but PLEASE don't pass over this. This is one of my personal favorite bands of all time. Here is one of my favorite Low songs, although their sounds varies widely, maybe it will pique your interest in getting these records.

I Could Live In Hope (1994)
Long Division (1995)
The Curtain Hits The Cast (1996)
Secret Name (1999)
Christmas EP (1999)
Things We Lost In The Fire (2001)
Trust (2002)
The Great Destroyer (2005)
Drums and Guns (2007)
C'mon (2011)

You may also be interested in Alan Sparhawk's blues band ('blues' in it's truest form, we're talking Mississippi juke joint style) Black Eyed Snakes.