Wednesday, July 27, 2011


Give plays super powerful, melodic post-hardcore. Rites of Spring meets Swiz. I came across these dudes blog-walking one day and download the Boots of Faith 7" on a whim. Hardcore band with a daisy flower as their logo? I couldn't resist. And as I hoped, the daisy flower logo and the name Give are very telling elements to this bands sound. The tone and feel for most of there songs tends to be very positive and progressive, a unique quality in hardcore and post-hardcore. This band deserves some recognition, because they are doing something truly interesting and fresh with their sound. Highly recommended if you're into genre-blurring bands or melodic hardcore. The download below contains:

Boots of Faith 7"
Heaven is Waiting 7"
Self Titled LP

Give - 3 records (DOWNLOAD!)

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