Monday, July 25, 2011

OFF! - First Four EPs

My buddy Johnny wrote this for me, cuz I'm lazy. Here ya go:

"Listening to this band is like waking up in the hospital after being in a coma for more than 30 years. It is what is. That big "IT" meaning brutally honest DIY punk in its truest form. If you are old enough to remember the SST days then this is like a beer soaked wet dream. While it may be cliche' to use the word "REAL", there is no other word I can find to sum it up. Some may say "retro" or "Old School" but its just honest to goodness PUNK FUCKING ROCK. Led by Keith Morris, the founder of Circle Jerks, and Co-founder of Black Flag. His voice is instantly recognizable. I am curious as to how many of today's punk rock "icons" will be doing this at 55 years old with as much raw unhinged passion as Keith Morris. WRECK-AMMENDED for anyone who wants a REAL fix of 100% punk RAWWK"

OFF! - First Four EP's
Thanks Johnny, and hope to snag you as a recurring author on the blog soon!

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