Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Rwake - Voice of Omens

Pronounced 'wake'. Fucking amazing sludgey, doomy, atmospheric dextromethorphan metal from Little Rock, AR, and awesome dudes to boot (used to play with the singer, CT. He is the inspiration of the bit in the blog info about musicians working at catfish restaurants). Dual vocals, moog synth, heavy as fuck drumming, and melt your face guitar shredding, culminating in a hazy cloud of dope smoke and demon juice. The record starts with a neat little foreboding mandolin motif, giving way to Rwake's fist-pumping, gut-wrenching grime. This record was produced by the indomitable Sanford Parker, and in my opinion, this is one of the best sounding records I've ever heard from an engineer's perspective. The drum sounds will pummel you to the ground and crush your chest, while the guitar tones feed ravenously on your face, leaving you in a helpless puddle of blood, sweat, and opiates. This is heavy shit, so find some good, hard drugs and lay this record on. You'll see, but not for long.


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