Tuesday, August 3, 2010

The National Acrobat - Complete Recordings

Featuring many known suspects from the ever fertile Louisville hardcore/punk/whatever scenes, TNA managed to wallow in relative obscurity while an active, touring and recording outfit, only really gaining any kind of notoriety after their demise. Taking their name from a Sabbath song and drawing on influences from varied and pioneering acts such as Black Flag, Born Against, Jesus Lizard, and Nation of Ulysses. Taking the sounds of those bands and filtering them through that unique Louisville mindset that has created some of the most memorable bands in the last twenty or so years.

The National Acrobat along with more well known bands like Cave-In, Dillinger Escape Plan, Isis and Botch were part of an important reaction to the stagnation of the hardcore scene in the late 90's. Not content to recycle the the same riffs and posturing, they chose to take the foundations that made punk rock and hardcore revolutionary to them and shape it in their own image. A true sonic fury that fans of any of the previously mentioned bands should be able to enjoy.

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