Sunday, June 12, 2011

Spirit Caravan - Dreamwheel EP

The ultimate stoner rock band. Black Sabbath meets Jimi Hendrix. If you aren't familiar with Wino, you are out of touch with pulse of the community, and this is a perfect introduction to the man's musical genius. Riff after riff, panty-tearing solo after panty tearing solo, this record only lets up momentarily, just long enough for Wino to build up a psychedelic wall of fuzz, delay, and reverb, only to crash through with his signature brand of widdly-wah-wah, maniacally feeding on your eardrums like ravenous wolverines to a fresh kill. If you like riffs and rock 'n' roll, and especially if you like those things... ON WEEEED... then get this record right now. Muhfuggin funktagious jams await.

Dreamwheel, Uh-yes indeed.

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