Friday, June 24, 2011

Lecherous Gaze

"Rising from the ashes of the almighty ANNIHILATION TIME is Lecherous Gaze, taking the bombastic riffology and adding some Joey Ramone/Jim Morrison/Glenn Danzig type soulful vox. For fans of rock and fucking roll!" - Lumbro

Seriously, riffology to the max. Some of the best music the dudes ever wrote, and while the vocals are considerably different from Annihilation Time, I really dig what the new fella lays on it. But GODDAMN THOSE RIFFS!
Audio Testament - 4 song demo
Lecherous Gaze EP - same 4 songs, remastered and re-packaged
Lecherous Gaze/Danava/Earthless Split (2011)

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