Monday, June 13, 2011


I'll start off by separating the real heads from the noobs... if I say screamo and all you think about is The Used and Hawthorne Heights, then you are sadly on the wrong track. But luckily Uncle Mitchypoo is here to fix you right up. With roots in DC hardcore and post-punk, REAL screamo started long before the ridiculous form of swoopy-banged fashioncore. Starting their evolution in the early to mid-90's and culminating in late 90's, bands like Orchid, Pg. 99, and City of Caterpillar were crafting a chaotic, cathartic sound previously unparalleled and rarely matched since then. Comprised of unrelenting drumming, being driven by thrashing guitars, melodic and melancholy, and topped with throat-searing, heart wrenching screams (lyrics usually based on philosophy, idealism, and DIY-punk ethics), Orchid is certainly one of the masters of their style. No other way to put it into words so just listen to the songs in this youtube compilation video and if it's your thing, get these two records.

Orchid - Chaos is Me
Orchid - Gatefold

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