Thursday, April 7, 2011

Annihilation Time mega post!!!

If you don't know this band, then fuck you and download this shit. This music is the soundtrack to breaking edge and starting the downward slide into booze, drugs and amazing music. Aren't you glad we have the entire recorded output?

In chronological order:

Annihilation Time I lp
Bad Reputation ep
Annihilation Time II lp
Cosmic Unconsciousness ep
Annihilation Time III: Tales From the Ancient Age

The band started in 2001 playing hardcore heavily influenced by latter era Flag and Bl'ast. The first record even had Pettibon artwork! The Bad Reputation ep would introduce the band's new singer as well as the shift in sound to a more rifftacular area, going so far as to cover Thin Lizzy.

The Next full length would be an expansion on the sounds created on the previous ep. Gnarly art adorns the cover and gnarly riffs assault your ears with mostly new songs, a couple re-recorded and a Pink Fairies cover.

Cosmic Unconsciousness was released next and is jamtacular in all the same ways as the second LP. The final release was "Tales of the Ancient Age" and is a rager from start to fucking finish. Riffs, this record has them.



  1. Awsome Band. The II cd and lp are wayy overpriced. To bad you had to upload em in 192k! I mean wtf?? how can people pow enjoy the music if its in shitty 192k? get a Flac copy mann or at least 320k or high level VBR. Get with it,everyone had plenty of room for high quality music these days!! thanks anyway I guess..