Monday, April 18, 2011

Weekend Nachos

I'm hard to please when it comes to hardcore. In the shitty town I live in, there was a short lived Collective venue, which was one of only two worthwhile venues for independent music this place ever had, and I sat through many a sloppy, contrived hardcore band. So to gain my attention and respect, you gotta be doing something groundbreaking or unique. That being said, Weekend Nachos has snagged me by the nuts. They play a gnarly, rifftacular blend of classic, balls to the wall hardcore and power violence, with occasional shifts into the slow and sludgy.  Lum told me about these dudes months ago, but when I finally listened to their newest release, the Black Earth 7" out on Relapse Records, I was immediately hooked. So for your listening pleasure, here's most, if not all, of Weekend Nachos jams in 2 easy files. Fuckin' dig it.

Torture EP (2006)
It's A Wonderful Life EP (2006)
Punish and Destroy (2007)
Unforgivable (2009)
Bleed EP (2010)
Black Earth 7" (2011)

Here's some.
Here's some mo'.

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