Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Neanderthal - Fighting Music

A true hardcore masterpiece from 1990. Featuring future members of the almighty MAN IS THE BASTARD and a member of INFEST, "Fighting Music" is the genesis of the power violence sound. Taking the groundwork laid by the aforementioned Infest, bands like Neanderthal, No Comment and Crossed Out carved out a sound never heard in extreme music that has been aped to death ever since.

If you are into modern "PV" bands like Mind Eraser (who take their name from this record!), Weekend Nachos or Iron Lung then do yourself a favor and snag this for a little history lesson on where the sound originated.

Some other great early bands to play this type of hardcore are the previously mentioned Infest, Crossed Out and No Comment as well as early Crom, early Capitalist Casualties, adn Despise You.

Neanderthal - Fighting Music

*download link and cover image "borrowed" from icoulddietomorrow be sure to check them out, they have a great blog with a wide variety of music!

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