Tuesday, November 22, 2011


This rifftagious gem and the following blurb brought to by my good buddy The Wong.

"Lemme tell ya, boys, this one's a doozy. Egypt's self-titled EP is one of the greatest amalgamation of sounds I've ever heard put to record. These boys here are coming outta them black hills of North Dakota, if you can believe that shit. Their origin leaves me wanting to imagine that the band is made of just Billy Jack, playing every single goddamn instrument at one time. The song "Dirty Witch" is totally the rockingest party jam recorded since Grand Funk Railroad split. Seriously, it has like, thirty "alright!"s peppered throughout. It's not missing anything, but if it were, it'd only be a couple of "A-give it to me, now"s. Every goddamn song on here is a gem, it's the aural equivalent of getting dome from a fat girl in the bathroom of the Mix Factory: dirty, sleazy, whoo, and sumbitchin buck-ass wild."


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