Saturday, November 3, 2012

S / S / S - Beak and Claw

So, while I was hiding under a rock somewhere, apparently some shit had went down. Anticon released this 4 song EP from S/S/S, a 'supergroup' comprised of songwriter Sufjan Stevens, and Anticon's Seregeti and Son Lux. The result is outer space. Serengeti's clever wordplay and sweet rhymes, Sufjan's sweet croon and harmonies, and Son Lux with the ambient pads and head-noddic beats... and there may or may not be some autotune. Appearances by Doseone and My Brightest Diamond. I don't even need to write much more about this. If you like Anticon, you'll like this. If you have heard of any of these 3 dudes before, check this out. Here's the link and a sample:

S/S/S - Beak and Claw

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