Saturday, November 3, 2012


This fella posted on the blog comments while I was away, and I checked him out. Pretty rad, unique stuff. Experimental hip-hop from Connecticut, akin to early cLOUDDEAD. very ambient and strange, but very impressive. Bandcamp says he is only 17, and made this a year or so ago. This cat's on the right track, and I hope to hear some more from him. Jargun, if you stop back by, drop a line and keep us updated!

From his bandcamp:

Jargun is the ambitious debut by the (now) 17 year old musician and self-producer of the same name.

After painstaking development for 5 straight months, Jargun is an ambivalent, bi-polar, questioning result of plain wonder. It's a collage: schizophrenic, doubtful, and resisting to explain itself. It's an anxious, regretful mess of half-confident ideas and leftover mantras finally being able to breath; An extremely lo-fi, bedroom agenda tasked with nothing else but to become self-evident and to leave a footprint for an unknown audience.

It's hesitant and self-conscious, and unable to see itself for what the future may consist of. Presented here is nothing concrete or total of what visions Jargun is trying to conspire; they're merely suggestions. It is only a sample laid by distress, uncertainty, and desperation.

But it doesn't stop here.

The album can either be downloaded here or here:

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