Saturday, March 12, 2011


I came across these guys yesterday while blog surfing, and I was so impressed and stoked I had to repost this for you guys. Glasses is a genre-blurring German hardcore/crust band in the vein of Tragedy, Ghostlimb, and Kylesa. While thrashy and punk as fuck, these dudes drop some unexpected riff bombs every few minutes, giving a much appreciated changeup from your standard paint-by-numbers hardcore. Though female-fronted, I don't think any listeners will complain, as her scream is pretty fuckin' filthy. If you are into hardcore, punk, or the metals, I highly recommend checking this band out. They are a serious standout in a sea of Discharge clones.

Here is their self titled debut from 2009, and the follow up from late 2010. Dig it.

Glasses - Glasses
Glasses - The Ills of Life

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