Saturday, July 31, 2010

Black Eyed Snakes for your blues!

This record is quite an unexpected gem. Featuring Alan Sparhawk, singer and guitarist for Low (one of my favorite bands), this is a pretty big leap from Low's slow, minimalist shoegazey style. Black Eyed Snakes play foot-stompin', leg-kickin juke joint blues, the likes of which you'd never expect from Duluth, Minnesota. Recorded nice and lo-fi, this album easily joins the ranks of Howling Wolf and RL Burnside in keeping true to the roots of blues music. This ain't your daddy's noodly frat-boy blues, so if you got any sense at all, you'll snag this immediately. And yes. His shirt says "I -heart- consensual sex." Lawl.


(And if you haven't listened to Low, stay tuned, as I'll probably post an absurd amount of their music very very soon.)

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